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Ability to innovate

The past 28 years the company owner Jan Søndergaard has been involved in developing and manufacturing tools for a broad spectrum of businesses. At Innos Tools we hand-pick manufacturers that live up to our very high-quality standards, and that have innovation as a key point of their business.

We then work closely with the chosen manufactures to further develop products to match the specific needs of our customers.
The products are sold directly to the end-user, to ensure competitive prices on high-quality products.

We constantly monitor the quality of the fi nal products, to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction even if our customers put the tools to the test.


By cooperating directly with manufactures, we constantly introduce cutting-edge products that cannot be found elsewhere on the market. Tools that solve specifi c tasks in new more effi cient ways. This strategy goes also for the development of technical sprays and specialist technical chemicals for professionals across industries.

Along with our specialist tools, we offer a range of generic tools and consumption goods. In this part of the product range, we aim at being competitive in terms of price, without compromising on quality.


Bilen indefra

This unique way of presenting and selling tools has been perfected over the years. The concept lets the end-user try out and feel the quality of the products. The sales representative can even test the product on tasks they are working on the job, thus instantly seeing the effect of purchasing the items demonstrated.
Each day a fleet of 9 specially equipped vans visit customers throughout the Danish countryside, visiting a wide range of customers ranging from auto repair shops, farmers, building‐ and hauling companies etc.

The on-site demonstrations ensure that the end user gets the right tools for the tasks. Having the majority products on display, creates opportunity for added sales, as the customer is directly exposed to the products on the walls and in the drawers.



A key part of our operation is our team of dedicated meeting planners, that set up appointments with customers daily. We book fixed appointments to ensure that the visit from our sales crew does not get in the way of the customers often busy schedule – it’s that simple.
In our experience, this concept ensures the optimal use of both the sales representatives and the customers time.